Having your own office doesn’t mean that you are going to provide only a place for your employee to work but this is more on their needs and the benefits. Of course, having a clean office would mean a productive way to gain more employees to work well and they could easily get along with the different things in there. You need to check it out other things and stuff that your employee in the future would need like the pantry where they could eat their meals during break time. You could have a lounge area where the office workers could take a rest during the snack time or lunch break where they could have a chit chat with friends.

At the same time, it is very important that every office building should have a good and clean toilet where people would go most often when they need to urinate. Of course, it would be nice if there’s a toilet for boy and there is a place also for girls to separate them especially for girls when they’re using it. Maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is very important as it gives a good reflection to the company and to the behavior of the company as well to the employees. We should know that this could be the dirtiest place inside the office or even at home because of the different bacteria and germs that we could get from there.

As a company owner and office manager, you need to make sure that everything is getting better and fine especially when it comes to the sanitation of the working place.

You should know the possible result of not having a clean and pleasant toilet to your employees, it is not only about the germs and viruses that they can get. It is about the disease that those germs could bring to the people who are going to use the unclean toilet especially for the those who are using the bowl. You would be shocked that next day, your workers are getting sick and most of them are absent from work because they are in the hospital and recovering from sickness. Making it clean is not hard and you should maintain the good scent coming from the bathroom like putting an air fresher or spray that they could use every time.

Following this one could result in no sick leave or immediate absence in the work place and they don’t need to worry again using the toilet when they have stomachache. Of course, it is not only about the employees but also to the clients or customers who are going to visit the place or office and they need to go. You could put some posters or reminders to the wall of the bathroom that after using the toilet bowl, they need to flush it or no shoe mark to leave. Don’t forget to put some soap and sanitizer in the toilet especially the tissue paper and be responsible for the trash.